Americans Of Jewish Descent
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New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abecassis, Abraham R. Brandon  12 Nov 1856New York I3707 aojd 
2 Abecassis, Solomon  9 Jan 1855New York I3706 aojd 
3 Abecassis, Victor Emile  27 Jul 1861New York I3708 aojd 
4 Abrahams, Abraham De Lyon  16 Aug 1772New York I4177 aojd 
5 Alexander, George M.  Dec 1879New York I2329 aojd 
6 Andrews, Joseph I. Jr.  15 Nov 1801New York I3829 aojd 
7 Beaty, Richard Norton  30 Jan 1920New York I127 aojd 
8 Benjamin, Benjamin  18 Mar 1767New York I3894 aojd 
9 Benjamin, Richa  25 Aug 1762New York I3884 aojd 
10 Bensadon, Joseph of New Orleans  9 Jan 1819New York I3302 aojd 
11 Blumenthal, Louise Mayer  2 Mar 1898New York I1218 aojd 
12 Brandon  2 Jan 1846New York I4063 aojd 
13 Brandon, Abraham Rodriguez  2 Sep 1826New York I3699 aojd 
14 Brandon, Edward Joseph  19 Nov 1829New York I4058 aojd 
15 Brandon, Emma  19 Aug 1831New York I4059 aojd 
16 Brandon, Lavinia Reyna  3 Apr 1828New York I3698 aojd 
17 Bullowa, Anne   I4246 aojd 
18 Bullowa, Elizabath   I4244 aojd 
19 Bullowa, James   I4243 aojd 
20 Bullowa, Jean   I4245 aojd 
21 Bullowa, Margaret  22 Jul 1909New York I4242 aojd 
22 Burden, Shirley Carter  9 Dec 1908New York I1124 aojd 
23 Callahan, Louise J.  Abt 1883New York I2612 aojd 
24 Cardozo, Abraham Hart Jr.  7 Oct 1856New York I1267 aojd 
25 Cardozo, Abraham Nunez  22 Nov 1758New York I1015 aojd 
26 Cardozo, Adeline Rachel  18 Feb 1833New York I1049 aojd 
27 Cardozo, Algernon Jarvis  31 Oct 1868New York I1274 aojd 
28 Cardozo, Augustus David  13 Nov 1837New York I1051 aojd 
29 Cardozo, Daniel Henry  20 Jul 1852New York I1264 aojd 
30 Cardozo, Reverend David Nunez  29 Aug 1753New York I1013 aojd 
31 Cardozo, Edwin Joseph  15 Nov 1859New York I1269 aojd 
32 Cardozo, Eva  9 Nov 1859New York I1055 aojd 
33 Cardozo, Lavinia Abigail  20 Oct 1835New York I1050 aojd 
34 Cardozo, Michael Hart  12 Jan 1851New York I1259 aojd 
35 Cardozo, Michael Hart III  15 Sep 1910New York I1287 aojd 
36 Cardozo, Moses Nunez  22 Feb 1755New York I1014 aojd 
37 Cardozo, Rachel  24 Dec 1854New York I1266 aojd 
38 Cardozo, William Benjamin  12 Oct 1865New York I1270 aojd 
39 Cohen, Agnes  23 Mar 1857New York I3471 aojd 
40 Cohen, Annie  22 Sep 1855New York I2582 aojd 
41 Cohen, Augustus  Abt 1842New York I3513 aojd 
42 Cohen, Benjamin  15 Aug 1817New York I3512 aojd 
43 Cohen, Blanche  31 Jan 1868New York I3477 aojd 
44 Cohen, Catherine  11 Feb 1822New York I3511 aojd 
45 Cohen, Daniel Seixas  30 Sep 1827New York I358 aojd 
46 Cohen, Edith  11 Aug 1860New York I3474 aojd 
47 Cohen, Edwin  27 Jul 1855New York I3469 aojd 
48 Cohen, Eleanor  31 Oct 1823New York I3517 aojd 
49 Cohen, Elmore  Feb 1853New York I3515 aojd 
50 Cohen, Emily  1 Jun 1862New York I3475 aojd 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Eleazer  1777New York I928 aojd 
2 Rachel  28 Jan 1744New York I1377 aojd 
3 Rachel  30 Mar 1801New York I1708 aojd 
4 Sarah  17 Aug 1727New York I2030 aojd 
5 Abecassis, Judah S. of England  2 Jul 1896New York I3691 aojd 
6 Asher, Richea  29 Sep 1716New York I394 aojd 
7 Asher, Richea  29 Sep 1716New York I394 aojd-demo 
8 Bailey, Charlotte  15 Feb 1848New York I3139 aojd 
9 Barnett, Samuel Abraham  6 Mar 1840New York I3297 aojd 
10 Baruc, Bernard S.  20 Oct 1904New York I1672 aojd 
11 Brandon, Abraham Rodriguez  27 Jan 1860New York I3699 aojd 
12 Brandon, Edward Joseph  20 Oct 1903New York I4058 aojd 
13 Brandon, Emma  15 Dec 1906New York I4059 aojd 
14 Brandon, Isaac Lopez Rodriguez  12 Dec 1855New York I2524 aojd 
15 Brandon, Joseph  25 Jul 1884New York I4056 aojd 
16 Brandon, Lavinia Reyna  16 Jun 1830New York I3698 aojd 
17 Brandon, Sarah  26 May 1842New York I4062 aojd 
18 Brickner, David  30 Jan 1908New York I11346 aojd 
19 Cardozo, Abigail N.  20 Feb 1870New York I1023 aojd 
20 Cardozo, Abigail N.  20 Feb 1870New York I1023 aojd-demo 
21 Cardozo, Adeline Rachel  25 Feb 1912New York I1049 aojd 
22 Cardozo, Albert Jacob  8 Nov 1885New York I925 aojd 
23 Cardozo, Albert Jacob Jr.  24 Jan 1909New York I1057 aojd 
24 Cardozo, Augustus David  8 Aug 1872New York I1051 aojd 
25 Cardozo, Daniel Henry  4 Oct 1931New York I1264 aojd 
26 Cardozo, Esther N.  16 Feb 1869New York I1024 aojd 
27 Cardozo, Isaac Nunez  22 Jul 1832New York I1012 aojd 
28 Cardozo, Lavinia Abigail  7 Feb 1913New York I1050 aojd 
29 Cardozo, Michael Hart  5 Oct 1865New York I1022 aojd 
30 Cardozo, Michael Hart  19 Jul 1906New York I1259 aojd 
31 Cardozo, Rachel  14 Dec 1923New York I1266 aojd 
32 Cardozo, Rachel N.  28 Jan 1887New York I1020 aojd 
33 Cardozo, Rebecca  27 May 1766New York I1074 aojd 
34 Cardozo, Sarah Hart  13 Mar 1903New York I1047 aojd 
35 Carvalho, Solomon Nunes  21 May 1897New York I4011 aojd 
36 Cohen, Agnes  23 Aug 1934New York I3471 aojd 
37 Cohen, Asher Samuel  15 Nov 1884New York I2578 aojd 
38 Cohen, Catherine  7 Jan 1883New York I3511 aojd 
39 Cohen, Charles  Bef 19 Jul 1860New York I2224 aojd 
40 Cohen, Daniel Seixas  3 Apr 1901New York I358 aojd 
41 Cohen, Eleanor  15 Apr 1879New York I3517 aojd 
42 Cohen, Eugenia  29 Nov 1859New York I3520 aojd 
43 Cohen, Jacob I.  16 Oct 1849New York I3507 aojd 
44 Cohen, Jacob I.  16 Oct 1849New York I3507 aojd-demo 
45 Cohen, Mary  New York I2567 aojd 
46 Cohen, Miriam  1 Oct 1906New York I3518 aojd 
47 Cohen, Rebecca  11 May 1871New York I3510 aojd 
48 Cohen, Sally  29 Sep 1849New York I2984 aojd 
49 Cohen, Sarah Nathan  21 Oct 1907New York I3519 aojd 
50 Cohen, Zipporah  18 May 1878New York I3516 aojd 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Nathan, Clarence Seixas  New York I1383 aojd 
2 Phillips, Jonas  New York I2680 aojd 
3 Raphael, Henrietta  24 May 1887New York I4384 aojd 
4 Raphael, Henrietta  24 May 1887New York I4384 aojd-demo 
5 Seixas, Hazan Gershom Mendes  New York I1166 aojd 
6 Seixas, Hazan Gershom Mendes  New York I1166 aojd-demo 

Alt Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cohen, Daniel Seixas  Abt 1829New York I358 aojd 
2 Cohen, Elmore  Abt 1853New York I3515 aojd 
3 Cohen, Estelle  Jun 1865New York I3476 aojd 
4 Cohen, Rebecca  Abt 1818New York I3510 aojd 
5 Davega, Dora  Abt 1862-1863New York I15 aojd 
6 Isaacs, Ernest R.  Mar 1881New York I3481 aojd 
7 Jackson, Rebecca  1839New York I50 aojd 
8 Lazarus, Frances  Abt 1809New York I931 aojd 
9 Levy, Alice  New York I4231 aojd 
10 Phillips, Rachel  Abt 1784New York I112 aojd 
11 Ridgely, Margaret Maria  1828New York I1110 aojd 
12 Rivera, stillborn  17 Aug 1727New York I2033 aojd 
13 Schott, Rebecca Cornelia  Abt 1851New York I1115 aojd 
14 Schott, Schuyler Livingston  New York I1212 aojd 
15 Seixas, Bella  Abt 1790New York I2118 aojd 
16 Seixas, Bella  Abt 1790New York I2118 aojd-demo 
17 Seixas, Benjamin Mendes  28 Jan 1748New York I1965 aojd 
18 Seixas, Benjamin Mendes  28 Jan 1748New York I1965 aojd-demo 

alt death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    alt death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hart, Ella  11 Nov 1860New York I3956 aojd 
2 Machado, Reverend David Mendes  4 Dec 1747New York I3985 aojd 

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cardozo, Esther N.  Abt 1805New York I1024 aojd 
2 Cohen, Annie  Abt 1857New York I2582 aojd 
3 Cohen, Catherine  Abt 1826New York I3511 aojd 
4 Cohen, Esther  Abt 1853New York I2579 aojd 
5 Cohen, Myer David  New York I9164 aojd 
6 Content, Rosa  Abt 1840New York I1463 aojd 
7 Cullman, Joseph Ferdinand Jr.  Jun 1882New York I1156 aojd 
8 Gomez, Aaron Lopez Esq.  New York I3966 aojd 
9 Gomez, Roselane  Abt 1827New York I979 aojd 
10 Hart, Colonel Bernard  New York I3576 aojd 
11 Hart, Colonel Bernard  New York I3576 aojd-demo 
12 Hendricks, Alice  Abt 1840New York I4060 aojd 
13 Hendricks, Emily Grace  Abt 1820New York I982 aojd 
14 Hendricks, Harmon  10 Mar 1771New York I1398 aojd 
15 Hendricks, Harmon  10 Mar 1771New York I1398 aojd-demo 
16 Jessup, Mary Abigail  Abt 1815New York I11164 aojd 
17 Jessup, Mary Abigail  Abt 1821New York I11164 aojd 
18 Judah, Naphtali Hart  Abt 1770New York I3865 aojd 
19 Lehman, Arthur  1874New York I1471 aojd 
20 Lehman, Arthur  1874New York I1471 aojd 
21 Lehman, Harriet M.  Abt 1863New York I1468 aojd 
22 Leinkauf, Bertha  Jun 1872New York I2327 aojd 
23 Levy, Augusta  Abt 1811New York I2806 aojd 
24 Levy, Jochabed  12 Jan 1747New York I1897 aojd 
25 Levy, Jochabed  12 Jan 1747New York I1897 aojd-demo 
26 Levy, Judith  New York I11162 aojd 
27 Levy, Judith  New York I11162 aojd-demo 
28 Levy, Rebecca  Abt 1847New York I2325 aojd 
29 Lewisohn, Adele  1883New York I1472 aojd 
30 Lopez, Esther  5 Jan 1811New York I2077 aojd 
31 Morgan, John Hill of Brooklyn  1871New York I11198 aojd 
32 Morrison, Lewis M.  Abt 1824New York I977 aojd 
33 Moses, Myer Buchanan III, C..S. A.  1833New York I2975 aojd 
34 Moses, William Moultrie  New York I114 aojd 
35 Nathan, Clara  Abt 1830New York I923 aojd 
36 Nathan, Estelle  Abt 1848New York I2211 aojd 
37 Nathan, Frederick  Abt 1846New York I2210 aojd 
38 Phillips, Frances  New York I336 aojd 
39 Pyle, Mary  5 Dec 1828New York I3479 aojd 
40 Schoonhaker, Lewis  Abt 1825New York I11115 aojd 
41 Seixas, Adele Orah  1850New York I4386 aojd 
42 Seixas, Esther  Abt 1821New York I11166 aojd 
43 Seixas, Esther  Abt 1824New York I11166 aojd 
44 Seixas, Hazan Gershom Mendes  15 Jan 1746New York I1166 aojd 
45 Seixas, Hazan Gershom Mendes  15 Jan 1746New York I1166 aojd-demo 
46 Seixas, Meyer L.  Abt 1844New York I11187 aojd 
47 Seixas, Myrtilla  Abt 1830New York I11101 aojd 
48 Seixas, Myrtilla  1852New York I4387 aojd 
49 Seixas, Rachel Mendez  Abt 1800New York I22142 aojd-demo 
50 Seixas, Theodore J.  Abt 1805New York I4380 aojd 

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Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cohen, Jacob I.  Abt 1786New York I3507 aojd 
2 Cohen, Jacob I.  Abt 1786New York I3507 aojd-demo 
3 Hendricks, Uriah  27 Sep 1797New York I2084 aojd 
4 Jessup, Mary Abigail  25 Jan 1869New York I11164 aojd 
5 Levy, Judith  May 1870New York I11162 aojd 
6 Levy, Judith  May 1870New York I11162 aojd-demo 
7 Lopez, Virginia  3 May 1926New York I2699 aojd 
8 Mears, Rachel  13 Jun 1819New York I370 aojd 
9 Noah, Manuel  22 Feb 1822New York I2930 aojd 
10 Seixas, Benjamin Mendes  6 Aug 1817New York I1965 aojd 
11 Seixas, Benjamin Mendes  6 Aug 1817New York I1965 aojd-demo 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bigler, Elizabeth  13 Oct 1930New York I3754 aojd 
2 Levy, Rebecca  3 Jul 1820New York I4225 aojd 
3 Levy, Simon Valentine  Abt 1680New York I3249 aojd 
4 Lewisohn, Adolph  Abt 1866New York I4013 aojd 
5 Lewisohn, Adolph  1 Aug 1867New York I4013 aojd 
6 Moses, Alfred Huger Jr.  Jul 1923New York I257 aojd 
7 Moses, McDonald  18 Dec 1913New York I1537 aojd 
8 Moses, Montrose Jonas  1894New York I214 aojd 
9 Moses, Percival Robert  13 Oct 1930New York I3753 aojd 
10 Moses, Stanford Ellwood Jr.  18 Dec 1913New York I1536 aojd 
11 Sanger, Eleanor  19 Mar 1920New York I1812 aojd 
12 Seixas, Jacob  1794New York I2315 aojd 
13 Simson, Joseph  1718New York I280 aojd 
14 Spencer, Agnes E.  18 Dec 1913New York I231 aojd 
15 Tobias, Tobias  Abt 1816New York I4224 aojd 
16 Touro, Hazzan Isaac  1779New York I616 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Levy, Judith  28 Jun 1860New York I11162 aojd 
2 Levy, Judith  28 Jun 1860New York I11162 aojd-demo 
3 Seixas, Esther  28 Jun 1860New York I11166 aojd 
4 Seixas, Sarah  28 Jun 1860New York I11176 aojd 
5 Seixas, Solomon  28 Jun 1860New York I11174 aojd 
6 Seixas, Zipporah  28 Jun 1860New York I11165 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emancipation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Phillips, Jonas  28 Feb 1769New York I2680 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mears, Samson  Abt 1760New York I382 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Endenizened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Myers, Haym  16 Jan 1759New York I1509 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Freeman    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abrahams, Emanuel  4 Jan 1757New York I1850 aojd 
2 de Lucena, Samuel  3 Jul 1759New York I3171 aojd 
3 Levy, Joseph  7 Nov 1752New York I416 aojd 
4 Levy, Joseph  7 Nov 1752New York I416 aojd-demo 
5 Mendes, Benjamin  11 Nov 1712New York I1174 aojd 
6 Myers, Asher  30 Sep 1755New York I1249 aojd 
7 Myers, Myer  29 Apr 1745-1746New York I374 aojd 
8 Pinto, Abraham  21 Jun 1743New York I1947 aojd 
9 Rodrigues de Rivera, Abraham  1726New York I2028 aojd 
10 Sarzedas, Abraham  17 Jul 1753New York I613 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mears, Judah  1728New York I371 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hart, Colonel Bernard  Abt 1812-1815New York I3576 aojd 
2 Hart, Colonel Bernard  Abt 1812-1815New York I3576 aojd-demo 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizer, Isaac of Newport  23 Jul 1763New York I367 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalized    Person ID   Tree 
1 De Lyon, Abraham  23 Oct 1741New York I1016 aojd 
2 Franks, Moses B.  18 Oct 1748New York I2241 aojd 
3 Hays, Isaac  26 Apr 1748New York I636 aojd 
4 Levy, Moses  19 Apr 1743New York I1910 aojd 
5 Lopez, Moses "Jose"  1740-1741New York I2045 aojd 
6 Rivera, Daniel  1740-1741New York I2035 aojd 
7 Rodrigues de Rivera, Jacob  21 Jan 1746New York I2026 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Rebecca  1695New York I3574 aojd 
2 Amram, Bertha  Feb 1963New York I31 aojd 
3 Blackwell, Lieutenant Montague  New York I3255 aojd 
4 Blackwell, Lieutenant Montague  New York I3255 aojd-demo 
5 Hart, Jacob of Stamford, Conn.  1782New York I408 aojd 
6 Hart, Jacob of Stamford, Conn.  1782New York I408 aojd-demo 
7 Hart, Samuel  Abt 1780New York I1971 aojd 
8 Hart, Samuel  Abt 1780New York I1971 aojd-demo 
9 Isaacs, Joseph  1691New York I3572 aojd 
10 Jacobs, Benjamin  Bef 1720New York I1732 aojd 
11 Joseph, Hannah of New York  New York I1676 aojd 
12 Judah, Baruch  1700New York I1890 aojd 
13 Levy, Bilhah Abigaill  New York I395 aojd 
14 Levy, Bilhah Abigaill  New York I395 aojd-demo 
15 Lopez, Moses "Jose"  1727New York I2045 aojd 
16 Louzada, Aaron  1717New York I602 aojd 
17 Michaels, Moses  New York I593 aojd 
18 Moses, Adeline Winthrop  11 Nov 1920New York I93 aojd 
19 Moses, Henry Clay  Abt 1894New York I689 aojd 
20 Moses, Judah Touro  Abt 1865-1885New York I246 aojd 
21 Ochs, Iphigene Bertha  26 Feb 1990New York I1188 aojd 
22 Polock, Isaac  1720New York I1964 aojd 
23 Rodrigues de Rivera, Abraham  New York I2025 aojd 
24 Wardwell, Edward Rogers  18 May 1931New York I11197 aojd 


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Blackwell / Hart  Abt 1782-1783New York F1139 aojd-demo 
2 Florance / Seixas  17 Sep 1834New York F1551 aojd-demo 
3 Franks / Levy  1712New York F152 aojd-demo 
4 Hart / Byrne  Abt 1782New York F1378 aojd-demo 
5 Hendricks / Isaacs  4 Jun 1800New York F511 aojd-demo 
6 Isaacs / Kursheedt  21 May 1829New York F1437 aojd-demo 
7 Levy / Asher  1695New York F148 aojd-demo 
8 Levy / Mears  1717New York F146 aojd-demo 
9 Levy / Thompson  22 May 1782New York F525 aojd-demo 
10 Nathan / Seixas  30 Nov 1808New York F327 aojd-demo 
11 Peixotto / Seixas  19 Mar 1823New York F4230 aojd-demo 
12 Phillips / Seixas  8 Oct 1823New York F1033 aojd-demo 
13 Seixas / Levy  May 1740-1741New York F155 aojd-demo 
14 Seixas / Levy  9 Nov 1808New York F4035 aojd-demo