Americans Of Jewish Descent
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New York



Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beaty, Richard Norton  30 Jan 1920New York I127
2 Cohen, Daniel Seixas  30 Sep 1827New York I358
3 Coleman, Doris C.   I74
4 Davega, Isaac  1860New York I266
5 Isaacks, Moses  25 Mar 1737New York I369
6 Jackson, Rebecca  20 May 1836New York I50
7 Lehman, Harold M.  1889New York I364
8 Levy, Alice  Aug 1908New York I298
9 Levy, Arthur Eugene  Abt 1903New York I318
10 Levy, Bilhah Abigaill  26 Nov 1696New York I395
11 Levy, Edward J.  1905New York I297
12 Levy, Michael  10 Jul 1709New York I403
13 Levy, Nathan  18 Feb 1704New York I398
14 Loeb, Judith Helen  11 Sep 1927New York I155
15 Michaels, Jochabed  New York I372
16 Mondscheim, Clara  Abt 1875New York I317
17 Moses, Eva May  17 Apr 1871New York I215
18 Moses, Julia  Apr 1882New York I368
19 Simkins, Melinda  Mar 1860New York I310
20 Wolff, Edwin Lynn   I97
21 Zuntz, Ellen  3 Jun 1781New York I7


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Asher, Richea  29 Sep 1716New York I394
2 Cohen, Daniel Seixas  3 Apr 1901New York I358
3 Davega, Isaac  12 Oct 1921New York I266
4 Herne, Lucille Dorothy  Abt 1920New York I216
5 Isaacks, Moses  31 Aug 1798New York I369
6 Lang, Sarah  Between 2 Jun 1900 and 23 Apr 1903New York I313
7 Levy, Eugene Henry  1 Jun 1921New York I308
8 Levy, Eugene Henry Jr.  Feb 1963New York I316
9 Levy, Lucia de L.  24 Apr 1922New York I315
10 Levy, Miriam  4 Feb 1749New York I406
11 Moses, Flora  1 Mar 1900New York I17
12 Moses, Dr. Montefiore Jacob C.S.A.  11 Apr 1878New York I111
13 Moses, Rynear M. D.  New York I115
14 Myers, Myer  12 Dec 1795New York I374
15 Simson, Joseph  Nov 1787New York I280
16 Zuntz, Ellen  29 Nov 1866New York I7