Americans Of Jewish Descent
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South Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
51 Moses, Emma B.  Abt 1842South Carolina I2973 aojd 
52 Moses, Emma Buford  Nov 1873South Carolina I2887 aojd 
53 Moses, Colonel Franklin J. T. USMC  Nov 1860South Carolina I2888 aojd 
54 Moses, Colonel Hart J.  1807South Carolina I1650 aojd 
55 Moses, Hetty  7 Mar 1812South Carolina I1649 aojd 
56 Moses, Jane McLelland  20 Jan 1867South Carolina I2886 aojd 
57 Moses, Julius L. Jr.  1878South Carolina I56 aojd 
58 Moses, Lillian  23 Aug 1855South Carolina I230 aojd 
59 Moses, Mary Richardson  Abt 1862South Carolina I2879 aojd 
60 Moses, Miriam L.  24 Jan 1866South Carolina I52 aojd 
61 Moses, Rebecca R.  1837South Carolina I2837 aojd 
62 Moses, Rosalie Esther Ann  1831South Carolina I2836 aojd 
63 Moses, Rosalie Virginia  24 Jul 1882South Carolina I1533 aojd 
64 Moses, Rynear M. D.  1845South Carolina I115 aojd 
65 Moses, Dr. Walter D.  1864South Carolina I51 aojd 
66 Myers, Belle  1771South Carolina I1999 aojd 
67 Myers, Caroline Waller  1805South Carolina I858 aojd 
68 Myers, Solomon  Abt 1778South Carolina I2003 aojd 
69 Oppenheim, Edwin H. C.S.A.  1840South Carolina I1659 aojd 
70 Oppenheim, Emily Frederika  7 Oct 1837South Carolina I1663 aojd 
71 Oppenheim, Henry Hertz C.S.A.  Abt 1833South Carolina I1657 aojd 
72 Oppenheim, Herman Detmold  Abt 1841South Carolina I1660 aojd 
73 Oppenheim, Joseph H. C.S.A.  Abt 1823South Carolina I1656 aojd 
74 Oppenheim, Mathilda Rebecca  31 Oct 1830South Carolina I1662 aojd 
75 Oppenheim, Samuel Hertz  Abt 1831South Carolina I1673 aojd 
76 Oppenheim, Sarah Gertrude  Abt 1826South Carolina I1661 aojd 
77 Ottolengui, Daniel  Abt 1835South Carolina I1417 aojd 
78 Ottolengui, Sarah  Abt 1828South Carolina I6 aojd 
79 Phillips, Frances  5 Feb 1790South Carolina I336 aojd 
80 Rosenfeld, Adelaide  Feb 1850South Carolina I19 aojd 
81 Rosenfeld, Isidore M.  Abt 1848South Carolina I23 aojd 
82 Sampson, Addie  1844South Carolina I2312 aojd 
83 Sampson, Edwin J. C.S.A.  South Carolina I11353 aojd 
84 Sampson, Frances  1849South Carolina I166 aojd 

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