Americans Of Jewish Descent
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Charleston, SC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abrahams, Adolphus Alexander Hezekiel  23 Nov 1830Charleston, SC I2282 aojd 
2 Abrahams, Edward Sebring H.  10 Aug 1849Charleston, SC I2290 aojd 
3 Abrahams, Hezekiel Moses  23 Aug 1844Charleston, SC I2288 aojd 
4 Abrahams, Jacob Melvin H.  21 Apr 1837Charleston, SC I2286 aojd 
5 Abrahams, Sarah Melvina  7 Oct 1835Charleston, SC I2285 aojd 
6 Abrahams, Theodore H.  15 Apr 1834Charleston, SC I2284 aojd 
7 Alexander, Aaron  7 Mar 1812Charleston, SC I675 aojd 
8 Alexander, Alexander  25 May 1813Charleston, SC I3588 aojd 
9 Alexander, Eleanor  26 Oct 1814Charleston, SC I1669 aojd 
10 Alexander, Joseph Albert  15 Sep 1837Charleston, SC I2291 aojd 
11 Alexander, Rebecca  27 May 1823Charleston, SC I3603 aojd 
12 Arons, Hannah  1789Charleston, SC I3586 aojd 
13 Bryan, Elizabeth  26 Sep 1913Charleston, SC I3920 aojd 
14 Cardozo, Rachel Nunez  16 Jun 1795Charleston, SC I1077 aojd 
15 Carvalho, Solomon Nunes  27 Apr 1815Charleston, SC I4011 aojd 
16 Cohen, Catherine  6 Aug 1781Charleston, SC I3197 aojd 
17 Cohen, Jacob I.  16 Sep 1784Charleston, SC I3507 aojd 
18 Cohen, Lavinia  7 Sep 1844Charleston, SC I2569 aojd 
19 Cohen, Octavus  30 Sep 1860Charleston, SC I2361 aojd 
20 Cohen, Rebecca  2 Nov 1797Charleston, SC I353 aojd 
21 Cohen, Reinah  5 Sep 1783Charleston, SC I4180 aojd 
22 Cress, Margarita  Charleston, SC I3031 aojd 
23 De Leon, Agnes  26 Oct 1852Charleston, SC I239 aojd 
24 De Paz, Abigail  Charleston, SC I2672 aojd 
25 Falk, Sarah  28 Nov 1859Charleston, SC I3927 aojd 
26 Florance, William  28 Jan 1805Charleston, SC I4377 aojd 
27 Goldberg, Sandy   I10218 aojd 
28 Goldsmith, Abraham Alexander  19 Apr 1840Charleston, SC I3619 aojd 
29 Goldsmith, Moses  25 Oct 1815Charleston, SC I1668 aojd 
30 Goldsmith, Raphal Benjamin  14 Mar 1850Charleston, SC I3714 aojd 
31 Goldsmith, Rose Marion  15 Aug 1884Charleston, SC I3654 aojd 
32 Goldsmith, Sarah Ann  28 Sep 1841Charleston, SC I1667 aojd 
33 Hart, Shankey  5 Jun 1766Charleston, SC I1915 aojd 
34 Hendricks, Hannah S.  30 Aug 1824Charleston, SC I4315 aojd 
35 Heydenfeldt, Samueline  12 Jul 1819Charleston, SC I4304 aojd 
36 Hunt, William Henry  12 Jun 1823Charleston, SC I1093 aojd 
37 Hyams, David  Charleston, SC I1993 aojd 
38 Isaacks, Adela  10 Aug 1832Charleston, SC I356 aojd 
39 Isaacks, Rachel of Charleston and Cheraw  1781Charleston, SC I345 aojd 
40 Jacobs, Sarah  29 Jul 1786Charleston, SC I3301 aojd 
41 Joseph, Molcie  5 May 1841Charleston, SC I4329 aojd 
42 Judah, Jacob  4 May 1765Charleston, SC I2267 aojd 
43 Lazarus, Aaron D.  26 Aug 1777Charleston, SC I857 aojd 
44 Lazarus, Benjamin Dores  5 Jul 1800Charleston, SC I4120 aojd 
45 Lazarus, Daniel  Jan 1795Charleston, SC I4090 aojd 
46 Lazarus, Emma  21 May 1798Charleston, SC I4089 aojd 
47 Lazarus, Hannah  23 Sep 1783Charleston, SC I1543 aojd 
48 Lazarus, Joshua  18 Mar 1796Charleston, SC I4092 aojd 
49 Lazarus, Leah  19 Oct 1778Charleston, SC I3882 aojd 
50 Lazarus, Marks  22 Feb 1757Charleston, SC I3883 aojd 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bilah  Mar 1794Charleston, SC I1851 aojd 
2 Sarah  13 Aug 1822Charleston, SC I4309 aojd 
3 Abrahams, Hyam  28 Jan 1802Charleston, SC I1524 aojd 
4 Abrahams, Rachel  1849Charleston, SC I4179 aojd 
5 Alexander, Abraham Sr.  21 Feb 1816Charleston, SC I3589 aojd 
6 Alexander, Abraham II  19 Dec 1844Charleston, SC I1044 aojd 
7 Alexander, Eleanor  26 Apr 1885Charleston, SC I1669 aojd 
8 Alexander, Hortense  9 Dec 1960Charleston, SC I2317 aojd 
9 Alexander, Judah  2 Jan 1804Charleston, SC I3594 aojd 
10 Andrews, Rachel  3 Oct 1835Charleston, SC I1549 aojd 
11 Benjamin, Philip  11 Jun 1852Charleston, SC I4021 aojd 
12 Benjamin, Richa  6 Nov 1847Charleston, SC I3884 aojd 
13 Cardozo, Reverend David Nunez  13 Jul 1835Charleston, SC I1013 aojd 
14 Cohen, Bilah  Nov 1863Charleston, SC I4182 aojd 
15 Cohen, Gershom  24 Jan 1802Charleston, SC I1995 aojd 
16 Cohen, Mordecai  8 Jul 1848Charleston, SC I3881 aojd 
17 Cohen, Phila  8 Jun 1805Charleston, SC I3897 aojd 
18 Cohen, Reinah  21 Jul 1853Charleston, SC I4180 aojd 
19 Davis, Moses  31 Dec 1843Charleston, SC I3560 aojd 
20 De Lyon, Judith  1848Charleston, SC I4166 aojd 
21 De Pass, Ralph  Dec 1812Charleston, SC I2257 aojd 
22 Delieben, Israel  29 Jan 1807Charleston, SC I3559 aojd 
23 Elizer, Eleazer  20 Sep 1821Charleston, SC I3189 aojd 
24 Elizer, Frances  11 Aug 1796Charleston, SC I3194 aojd 
25 Elizer, Hannah  25 Apr 1822Charleston, SC I3190 aojd 
26 Elizer, Isaac of Newport  2 Jan 1807Charleston, SC I367 aojd 
27 Elizer, Priscilla  Aug 1796Charleston, SC I3192 aojd 
28 Florance, Annie Augusta  15 Nov 1878Charleston, SC I926 aojd 
29 Goldsmith, Isaac Moses  26 Sep 1821Charleston, SC I340 aojd 
30 Goldsmith, Moses  28 Jun 1884Charleston, SC I1668 aojd 
31 Hart, Daniel  May 1811Charleston, SC I2374 aojd 
32 Hart, Hymon  2 Nov 1791Charleston, SC I3558 aojd 
33 Hart, Joshua  10 Jul 1787Charleston, SC I1912 aojd 
34 Hertz, Jacob  23 Oct 1846Charleston, SC I836 aojd 
35 Hilzheim, Marchus  21 Apr 1882Charleston, SC I3616 aojd 
36 Hyams, David  Charleston, SC I1993 aojd 
37 Hyatt, Robert  28 Jan 2000Charleston, SC I10110 aojd 
38 Isaacks, Abraham Mears  29 Oct 1814Charleston, SC I1736 aojd 
39 Isaacks, Jochebed  25 Oct 1802Charleston, SC I3199 aojd 
40 Isaacks, Judah M.  Charleston, SC I348 aojd 
41 Isaacks, Judith  25 Sep 1802Charleston, SC I362 aojd 
42 Isaacks, Riche  Aug 1796Charleston, SC I366 aojd 
43 Isaacks, Sampson Mears  27 Nov 1859Charleston, SC I1742 aojd 
44 Isaacks, Sarah  Charleston, SC I365 aojd 
45 Jacobs, Jacob  1 Nov 1797Charleston, SC I614 aojd 
46 Joseph, Israel  9 Jun 1804Charleston, SC I3550 aojd 
47 Lambert, Solomon W.  15 Aug 1841Charleston, SC I4255 aojd 
48 Lazarus, Marks  1 Nov 1835Charleston, SC I3883 aojd 
49 Levy, Bella  6 Nov 1851Charleston, SC I2375 aojd 
50 Levy, Jacqueline Ellen  19 Apr 1896Charleston, SC I3907 aojd 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abrahams, Alexander Hezekiel  1871Charleston, SC I693 aojd 
2 Alexander, Eleanor  27 Apr 1885Charleston, SC I1669 aojd 
3 Isaacks, Abraham Mears  Oct 1814Charleston, SC I1736 aojd 
4 Isaacks, Jochebed  Oct 1802Charleston, SC I3199 aojd 
5 Isaacks, Judith  Sep 1802Charleston, SC I362 aojd 
6 Mears, Rebecca  Oct 1802Charleston, SC I359 aojd 
7 Ottolengui, Judith A.  Charleston, SC I677 aojd 

Alt Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Maysor, Rebecca M.  1777Charleston, SC I1992 aojd 
2 Moses, Emily Touro  1846Charleston, SC I46 aojd 

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Joseph, Molcie  14 May 1841Charleston, SC I4329 aojd 
2 Lopez, David Jr.  15 Jan 1811-1812Charleston, SC I2059 aojd 
3 Moses, Felix Jacob  Charleston, SC I237 aojd 
4 Moses, Grace Aguilar  1853Charleston, SC I235 aojd 
5 Moses, Joseph Winthrop  Abt 1837Charleston, SC I2 aojd 
6 Moses, Judah Touro  Charleston, SC I246 aojd 
7 Moses, Mordecai Lyon  30 Aug 1842Charleston, SC I678 aojd 
8 Solomons, Abraham Alexander  2 May 1816Charleston, SC I676 aojd 

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Goldsmith, Isaac Moses  27 Sep 1841Charleston, SC I340 aojd 
2 Goldsmith, Moses  25 Jun 1884Charleston, SC I1668 aojd 
3 Lopez, David  1884Charleston, SC I3892 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alexander, Abraham Sr.  1760Charleston, SC I3589 aojd 
2 Benjamin, Philip  1816-1818Charleston, SC I4021 aojd 
3 Benjamin, Philip  1823Charleston, SC I4021 aojd 
4 de Mendes, Rebecca  1846Charleston, SC I4022 aojd 
5 Goldsmith, Isaac Moses  1814Charleston, SC I340 aojd 
6 Hart, Daniel  1783Charleston, SC I2374 aojd 
7 Levy, Bella  1785Charleston, SC I2375 aojd 
8 Levy, Lyon  1785Charleston, SC I1071 aojd 
9 Moise, Abraham  1791Charleston, SC I3899 aojd 
10 Rodriquez, Moise  1798Charleston, SC I3461 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abrahams, Theodore H.  1 Jun 1880Charleston, SC I2284 aojd 
2 Alexander, Catherine  8 Jun 1860Charleston, SC I3602 aojd 
3 Alexander, Catherine  14 Jul 1870Charleston, SC I3602 aojd 
4 Alexander, Eleanor  24 Jun 1860Charleston, SC I1669 aojd 
5 Alexander, Eleanor  13 Jul 1870Charleston, SC I1669 aojd 
6 Alexander, Eleanor  11 Jun 1880Charleston, SC I1669 aojd 
7 Alexander, Henrietta  7 Jun 1880Charleston, SC I3612 aojd 
8 Arons, Hannah  8 Jun 1860Charleston, SC I3586 aojd 
9 Goldsmith, Abraham Alexander  24 Jun 1860Charleston, SC I3619 aojd 
10 Goldsmith, Abraham Alexander  14 Jul 1870Charleston, SC I3619 aojd 
11 Goldsmith, Abraham Alexander  7 Jun 1880Charleston, SC I3619 aojd 
12 Goldsmith, Abraham Alexander  1 Jun 1900Charleston, SC I3619 aojd 
13 Goldsmith, Catherine  1860Charleston, SC I2278 aojd 
14 Goldsmith, Eliza  7 Jun 1880Charleston, SC I3666 aojd 
15 Goldsmith, Eliza L.  24 Jun 1860Charleston, SC I3717 aojd 
16 Goldsmith, Eliza L.  13 Jul 1870Charleston, SC I3717 aojd 
17 Goldsmith, Frances  24 Jun 1860Charleston, SC I3712 aojd 
18 Goldsmith, Hannah A.  24 Jun 1860Charleston, SC I1674 aojd 
19 Goldsmith, Irene Mae  14 Jul 1870Charleston, SC I3623 aojd 
20 Goldsmith, Irene Mae  7 Jun 1880Charleston, SC I3623 aojd 
21 Goldsmith, Isaac  14 Jul 1870Charleston, SC I3622 aojd 
22 Goldsmith, Isaac  7 Jun 1880Charleston, SC I3622 aojd 
23 Goldsmith, Jacob M.  24 Jun 1860Charleston, SC I605 aojd 
24 Goldsmith, Jacob M.  13 Jul 1870Charleston, SC I605 aojd 
25 Goldsmith, Joseph J.  24 Jun 1860Charleston, SC I3715 aojd 
26 Goldsmith, Joseph J.  13 Jul 1870Charleston, SC I3715 aojd 
27 Goldsmith, Joseph J.  11 Jun 1880Charleston, SC I3715 aojd 
28 Goldsmith, Katherine  7 Jun 1880Charleston, SC I3624 aojd 
29 Goldsmith, Lyla L.  1 Jun 1900Charleston, SC I3653 aojd 
30 Goldsmith, Maude  7 Jun 1880Charleston, SC I3646 aojd 
31 Goldsmith, Mikell Myers C.S.A.  24 Jun 1860Charleston, SC I3711 aojd 
32 Goldsmith, Monna  7 Jun 1880Charleston, SC I3665 aojd 
33 Goldsmith, Moses  24 Jun 1860Charleston, SC I1668 aojd 
34 Goldsmith, Moses  13 Jul 1870Charleston, SC I1668 aojd 
35 Goldsmith, Moses  11 Jun 1880Charleston, SC I1668 aojd 
36 Goldsmith, Moses Marcus  1 Jun 1900Charleston, SC I3634 aojd 
37 Goldsmith, Rebecca  29 Jun 1860Charleston, SC I2281 aojd 
38 Goldsmith, Rebecca  8 Jun 1870Charleston, SC I2281 aojd 
39 Goldsmith, Rebecca  8 Jun 1880Charleston, SC I2281 aojd 
40 Goldsmith, Rose Marion  1 Jun 1900Charleston, SC I3654 aojd 
41 Goldsmith, Sarah Ann  24 Jun 1860Charleston, SC I1667 aojd 
42 Haas, Eva  1 Jun 1900Charleston, SC I3635 aojd 
43 Hilzheim, Jules  7 Jun 1880Charleston, SC I3664 aojd 
44 Hilzheim, Marchus  7 Jun 1880Charleston, SC I3616 aojd 
45 Hilzheim, Rose Ella  14 Jul 1870Charleston, SC I3617 aojd 
46 Hilzheim, Rose Ella  7 Jun 1880Charleston, SC I3617 aojd 
47 Moses, Aaron Julian  14 Jul 1870Charleston, SC I157 aojd 
48 Moses, Aaron Julian  1 Jun 1880Charleston, SC I157 aojd 
49 Moses, Adeline Lyon  14 Jun 1860Charleston, SC I667 aojd 
50 Moses, Catherine  11 Nov 1850Charleston, SC I1654 aojd 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Phillips, Jonas  Nov 1756Charleston, SC I2680 aojd 
2 Sheftall, Reverend Mordecai  1766Charleston, SC I1920 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID   Tree 
1 Benjamin, Philip  1826Charleston, SC I4021 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Moses, Levy J.  Charleston, SC I556 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abrahams, Alexander Hezekiel  16 Oct 1871Charleston, SC I693 aojd 
2 Abrahams, Rachel  1845Charleston, SC I4179 aojd 
3 Alexander, Eleanor  26 Apr 1885Charleston, SC I1669 aojd 
4 Chumaceiro, Reverend Joseph H. M.  Between 1867 and 1874Charleston, SC I11349 aojd 
5 Cohen, Mordecai  1788Charleston, SC I3881 aojd 
6 De Lyon, Isaac  Charleston, SC I4149 aojd 
7 Etting, Reuben  1780Charleston, SC I1832 aojd 
8 Goldsmith, Edward Hilzheim  18 Jul 1913Charleston, SC I3641 aojd 
9 Goldsmith, Monna  18 Jul 1913Charleston, SC I3665 aojd 
10 Hart, Joshua  1761Charleston, SC I1912 aojd 
11 Hilzheim, Rose Ella  15 Aug 1884Charleston, SC I3617 aojd 
12 Lazarus, Michael  1749Charleston, SC I3885 aojd 
13 Lyon, Rachel  20 May 1860Charleston, SC I1475 aojd 
14 Moses, Abraham  1769Charleston, SC I2412 aojd 
15 Moses, Hannah  18 Apr 1875Charleston, SC I113 aojd 
16 Moses, Levy  25 Jun 1884Charleston, SC I45 aojd 
17 Moses, Levy J.  14 Jun 1860Charleston, SC I556 aojd 
18 Moses, Philip  1780Charleston, SC I2393 aojd 
19 Phillips, Jacob  Charleston, SC I90 aojd 
20 Sundby, Nina   I172 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Travel    Person ID   Tree 
1 De Lyon, Hannah  Abt 1793Charleston, SC I4151 aojd