Americans Of Jewish Descent
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London, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Isaac  London, Middlesex, England I3467 aojd 
2 Abrahams, Emanuel  1748London, Middlesex, England I1850 aojd 
3 Alexander, Abraham Sr.  1743London, Middlesex, England I3589 aojd 
4 Alexander, Abraham II  1771London, Middlesex, England I1044 aojd 
5 Alexander, Judah  1742London, Middlesex, England I3594 aojd 
6 Barnett, Sarah  1794London, Middlesex, England I3387 aojd 
7 Beckett, Constance Mary Baroness Aberdare of Duffryn  11 Nov 1855London, Middlesex, England I729 aojd 
8 Brandon, Joseph  9 Mar 1808London, Middlesex, England I4056 aojd 
9 Bruce, Honorable Margaret Cecilia  28 Oct 1882London, Middlesex, England I737 aojd 
10 Cardozo, Isaac Nunez  25 May 1751London, Middlesex, England I1012 aojd 
11 Cardozo, Judith Nunez  27 Dec 1747London, Middlesex, England I1011 aojd 
12 Cardozo, Rachel Nunez  26 Apr 1743London, Middlesex, England I1009 aojd 
13 Cohen, Charles  1811London, Middlesex, England I2224 aojd 
14 Copley, Honorable Sophia Clarence  1828London, Middlesex, England I726 aojd 
15 De Lyon, Rebecka  1733London, Middlesex, England I4171 aojd 
16 de Sola, Eliza Meldola  13 Sep 1829London, Middlesex, England I3685 aojd 
17 Douglas, Allison Claire   I4982 aojd 
18 Douglas, Gavin   I5513 aojd 
19 Edel, Lewis  22 Oct 1918London, Middlesex, England I9390 aojd 
20 Franks, Jacob  1687-1688London, Middlesex, England I396 aojd 
21 Franks, Phila  1715London, Middlesex, England I476 aojd 
22 Hart, Colonel Bernard  25 Dec 1763London, Middlesex, England I3576 aojd 
23 Helbert, Sarah  Abt 1700London, Middlesex, England I1891 aojd 
24 Hendricks, Abram  London, Middlesex, England I2088 aojd 
25 Israel, Eliza  10 May 1784London, Middlesex, England I4112 aojd 
26 Jacobs, Israel  1714London, Middlesex, England I3986 aojd 
27 Jonas, Jessie  1736London, Middlesex, England I3872 aojd 
28 Levy, Amelia  1793London, Middlesex, England I2700 aojd 
29 Levy, Asher  2 Feb 1699London, Middlesex, England I397 aojd 
30 Levy, Bella  1762London, Middlesex, England I2375 aojd 
31 Levy, Benjamin  1692London, Middlesex, England I1898 aojd 
32 Levy, Jacob Daniel  1806London, Middlesex, England I2563 aojd 
33 Levy, Rachel  27 Feb 1719London, Middlesex, England I404 aojd 
34 Lopez, Moses "Jose"  1706London, Middlesex, England I2045 aojd 
35 Louzada, Aaron  1693-1695London, Middlesex, England I602 aojd 
36 Louzada, Moses  1700London, Middlesex, England I1504 aojd 
37 Manuel, Hannah  Oct 1766London, Middlesex, England I1168 aojd 
38 Mears, Judah  Abt 1705London, Middlesex, England I371 aojd 
39 Oppenheim, Moses  London, Middlesex, England I2094 aojd 
40 Phillips, Jacob  Abt 1750London, Middlesex, England I90 aojd 
41 Pollock  London, Middlesex, England I2090 aojd 
42 Samson, Joseph of Liverpool  Abt 1814London, Middlesex, England I2530 aojd 
43 Schwab, Sigmund George Ahron  27 Jul 1911London, Middlesex, England I9347 aojd 
44 Schwab, Walter Manfred Moshe  2 Jul 1913London, Middlesex, England I9348 aojd 
45 Seixas, Daniel  24 Nov 1768London, Middlesex, England I1381 aojd 
46 Seixas, Isaac  4 Aug 1770London, Middlesex, England I1382 aojd 
47 Simmons, Helen Kathleen Lawrence  8 Feb 1915London, Middlesex, England I9350 aojd 
48 Solis, Jacob da Silva  4 Aug 1780London, Middlesex, England I4147 aojd 
49 Solomon, Joseph  1710London, Middlesex, England I1494 aojd 
50 Solomon, Myer S.  1740London, Middlesex, England I1495 aojd 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brandon, Sarah Rodriguez  20 Feb 1828London, Middlesex, England I2519 aojd 
2 Clench, Joseph Brant  20 Feb 1857London, Middlesex, England I3838 aojd 
3 Cohen, Mary  London, Middlesex, England I3553 aojd 
4 da Fonseca, Esther  1787London, Middlesex, England I4069 aojd 
5 Ellern, Anna Hindel  16 Apr 1963London, Middlesex, England I9346 aojd 
6 Franks, Abraham  16 May 1748London, Middlesex, England I463 aojd 
7 Franks, Jacob Henry of Misterton Hall, Leicestershire, England  10 Apr 1840London, Middlesex, England I480 aojd 
8 Franks, Naphtaly Harte  1708London, Middlesex, England I455 aojd 
9 Franks, Phila  1765London, Middlesex, England I476 aojd 
10 Hendricks, Harmon  Abt 1769London, Middlesex, England I2099 aojd 
11 Kursheedt, Gershom  7 May 1863London, Middlesex, England I3963 aojd 
12 Lowe, Major General Edward William Howe De Lancey  21 Oct 1880London, Middlesex, England I532 aojd 
13 Massius, Abigail  1738London, Middlesex, England I1170 aojd 
14 Mears, Sampson  Abt 1711London, Middlesex, England I384 aojd 
15 Navaro, Isaac Nunes  12 Nov 1759London, Middlesex, England I1003 aojd 
16 Nunez  12 Jan 1727London, Middlesex, England I3992 aojd 
17 Rodrigues de Rivera, Isaac  2 Apr 1715London, Middlesex, England I2039 aojd 
18 Schwab, Julius Yehuda  10 Jun 1949London, Middlesex, England I9311 aojd 
19 Schwab, Sigmund George Ahron  13 Nov 1980London, Middlesex, England I9347 aojd 
20 Schwab, Walter Manfred Moshe  30 May 1997London, Middlesex, England I9348 aojd 
21 Seixas, Abraham Mendes  1738London, Middlesex, England I1169 aojd 
22 Seixas, Daniel Mendes  1758London, Middlesex, England I1176 aojd 
23 Solis, Solomon da Silva  7 Nov 1847London, Middlesex, England I9166 aojd 
24 Valentine, Benveneda de Isaac Henriques  29 Jan 1815London, Middlesex, England I9167 aojd 
25 Valery, Julius J.  28 Dec 1901London, Middlesex, England I11365 aojd 

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barnett, Sarah  1792London, Middlesex, England I3387 aojd 
2 Franks, Jacob  1688London, Middlesex, England I396 aojd 
3 Levy, Bilhah Abigaill  26 Nov 1696London, Middlesex, England I395 aojd 
4 Levy, Nathan  18 Feb 1704London, Middlesex, England I398 aojd 
5 Levy, Rachel  17 Feb 1719London, Middlesex, England I404 aojd 
6 Mears, Sampson  1651London, Middlesex, England I384 aojd 
7 Mears, Sampson  1670London, Middlesex, England I384 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Endenizened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Seixas, Daniel Brandon  3 May 1774London, Middlesex, England I1379 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hart, Moses  10 Nov 1721London, Middlesex, England I2501 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mendes, Rabbi Abraham Pereira  London, Middlesex, England I3684 aojd 
2 Mendes, Rabbi Abraham Pereira  Bef 1883London, Middlesex, England I3684 aojd 

Passport Application

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Passport Application    Person ID   Tree 
1 Moses, Alfred Huger Jr.  1 Sep 1920London, Middlesex, England I257 aojd 
2 Moses, Alfred Huger Jr.  8 Dec 1922London, Middlesex, England I257 aojd 
3 Moses, Alfred Huger Jr.  31 Mar 1925London, Middlesex, England I257 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Judah  London, Middlesex, England I3548 aojd 
2 Blackwell, Lieutenant Montague  London, Middlesex, England I3255 aojd 
3 Franks, Joy  London, Middlesex, England I385 aojd 
4 Gratz, Leah  1801London, Middlesex, England I1787 aojd 
5 Levy, Asher  1732London, Middlesex, England I397 aojd 
6 Levy, Benjamin  1664London, Middlesex, England I3245 aojd 
7 Mears, Sampson  London, Middlesex, England I384 aojd 
8 Phillips, Jacob  London, Middlesex, England I90 aojd