Americans Of Jewish Descent
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South Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Sampson, Frances  1849South Carolina I166 aojd 
2 Sampson, Edwin J. C.S.A.  South Carolina I11353 aojd 
3 Sampson, Addie  1844South Carolina I2312 aojd 
4 Rosenfeld, Isidore M.  Abt 1848South Carolina I23 aojd 
5 Rosenfeld, Adelaide  Feb 1850South Carolina I19 aojd 
6 Phillips, Frances  5 Feb 1790South Carolina I336 aojd 
7 Ottolengui, Sarah  Abt 1828South Carolina I6 aojd 
8 Ottolengui, Daniel  Abt 1835South Carolina I1417 aojd 
9 Oppenheim, Sarah Gertrude  Abt 1826South Carolina I1661 aojd 
10 Oppenheim, Samuel Hertz  Abt 1831South Carolina I1673 aojd 
11 Oppenheim, Mathilda Rebecca  31 Oct 1830South Carolina I1662 aojd 
12 Oppenheim, Joseph H. C.S.A.  Abt 1823South Carolina I1656 aojd 
13 Oppenheim, Herman Detmold  Abt 1841South Carolina I1660 aojd 
14 Oppenheim, Henry Hertz C.S.A.  Abt 1833South Carolina I1657 aojd 
15 Oppenheim, Emily Frederika  7 Oct 1837South Carolina I1663 aojd 
16 Oppenheim, Edwin H. C.S.A.  1840South Carolina I1659 aojd 
17 Myers, Solomon  Abt 1778South Carolina I2003 aojd 
18 Myers, Caroline Waller  1805South Carolina I858 aojd 
19 Myers, Belle  1771South Carolina I1999 aojd 
20 Moses, Dr. Walter D.  1864South Carolina I51 aojd 
21 Moses, Rynear M. D.  1845South Carolina I115 aojd 
22 Moses, Rosalie Virginia  24 Jul 1882South Carolina I1533 aojd 
23 Moses, Rosalie Esther Ann  1831South Carolina I2836 aojd 
24 Moses, Rebecca R.  1837South Carolina I2837 aojd 
25 Moses, Miriam L.  24 Jan 1866South Carolina I52 aojd 
26 Moses, Mary Richardson  Abt 1862South Carolina I2879 aojd 
27 Moses, Lillian  23 Aug 1855South Carolina I230 aojd 
28 Moses, Julius L. Jr.  1878South Carolina I56 aojd 
29 Moses, Jane McLelland  20 Jan 1867South Carolina I2886 aojd 
30 Moses, Hetty  7 Mar 1812South Carolina I1649 aojd 
31 Moses, Colonel Hart J.  1807South Carolina I1650 aojd 
32 Moses, Colonel Franklin J. T. USMC  Nov 1860South Carolina I2888 aojd 
33 Moses, Emma Buford  Nov 1873South Carolina I2887 aojd 
34 Moses, Emma B.  Abt 1842South Carolina I2973 aojd 
35 Moses, Eliza Jane  1829South Carolina I2834 aojd 
36 Moses, Edward H.  1868South Carolina I55 aojd 
37 Moses, Charles Brown  15 Feb 1810South Carolina I240 aojd 
38 Moses, Catherine  1802South Carolina I1654 aojd 
39 Moses, Andrew Jackson Jr.  26 Jun 1846South Carolina I3341 aojd 
40 Mordecai, Aumea  Jul 1888South Carolina I823 aojd 
41 Moise, Penina  23 Apr 1797South Carolina I1552 aojd 
42 Mikell, Thomas P. (Jr.)  Abt 1858South Carolina I2854 aojd 
43 Mikell, Thomas P. of Edisto Island, SC  Abt 1835South Carolina I2852 aojd 
44 Mikell, Jane McClelland  Abt 1862South Carolina I2856 aojd 
45 Mikell, Henry Judah  Abt 1874South Carolina I2859 aojd 
46 Mikell, Franklin M.  Abt Jan 1860South Carolina I2855 aojd 
47 Mikell, Emily C.  Abt 1865South Carolina I2857 aojd 
48 McClenahan, Jane Dorcas of Chesterfield District, South Carolina  Abt 1811South Carolina I1567 aojd 
49 Levy, Sarah Hannah  18 Feb 1838South Carolina I12 aojd 
50 Levine, Frances  Abt 1841South Carolina I4327 aojd 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Moses, Isaac Isaiah III  4 Nov 2002South Carolina I328 aojd 
2 Levy, Joseph  1772South Carolina I416 aojd 
3 Levy, Joseph  1772South Carolina I416 aojd-demo 
4 Abrahams, Alexander Hezekiel  16 Oct 1871South Carolina I693 aojd 

Alt Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Sampson, Frances  Abt 1847South Carolina I166 aojd 
2 Ottolengui, Jacob  Abt 1830South Carolina I1408 aojd 
3 Moses, William Moultrie  1845South Carolina I114 aojd 
4 Moses, William Moultrie  Abt 1841South Carolina I114 aojd 
5 Moses, Sadie  Apr 1882South Carolina I242 aojd 
6 Moses, Mary Alice  Abt 1843South Carolina I9 aojd 
7 Moses, Mary Alice  Apr 1842South Carolina I9 aojd 
8 Moses, Lillian  Abt 1877South Carolina I230 aojd 
9 Moses, Jacob Isaiah  Abt 1815South Carolina I124 aojd 
10 Moses, Hannah  Abt 1810-1811South Carolina I113 aojd 
11 Moses, Colonel Franklin J. T. USMC  1862South Carolina I2888 aojd 
12 Moses, Anna Maria  South Carolina I3542 aojd 
13 Moses, Agnes D.  Dec 1878South Carolina I241 aojd 
14 Moses, Adeline  Abt 1820South Carolina I201 aojd 
15 Moses, Aaron Julian  Abt 1820South Carolina I157 aojd 
16 Lazarus, Angelina Green  South Carolina I287 aojd 
17 Goldsmith, Rebecca  Abt 1823South Carolina I2281 aojd 
18 Goldsmith, Rebecca  Abt 1814-1815South Carolina I2281 aojd 
19 Goldsmith, Moses  Abt 1820South Carolina I1668 aojd 
20 Goldsmith, Isaac  Abt 1867South Carolina I3622 aojd 
21 Goldsmith, Frances  Abt 1842South Carolina I3712 aojd 
22 Goldsmith, Abraham Alexander  Abt 1842South Carolina I3619 aojd 
23 Brady, Matilda  Abt 1856South Carolina I33 aojd 
24 Alexander, Eleanor  Abt 1818South Carolina I1669 aojd 

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Seixas, Abraham  South Carolina I1082 aojd 
2 Seixas, Abraham  South Carolina I1082 aojd-demo 
3 Sampson, Frances  Dec 1844South Carolina I166 aojd 
4 Phillips, Esther  South Carolina I337 aojd 
5 Myers, Belle  Abt 1768South Carolina I1999 aojd 
6 Moses, Sarah  Abt 1815South Carolina I135 aojd 
7 Moses, Rosalie Virginia  Abt 1885South Carolina I1533 aojd 
8 Moses, Rosalie Esther Ann  Abt 1833South Carolina I2836 aojd 
9 Moses, Penina Septima  South Carolina I219 aojd 
10 Moses, Henry Clay  Oct 1849South Carolina I689 aojd 
11 Moses, Governor Franklin J. Jr.  1840South Carolina I2838 aojd 
12 Moses, Franklin J.  South Carolina I1566 aojd 
13 Moses, Emily Touro  Sep 1861South Carolina I46 aojd 
14 Moses, Emily Touro  1845South Carolina I46 aojd 
15 Levy, Rebecca Hendricks  1840South Carolina I2822 aojd 
16 Lazarus, Emma  Abt 1800South Carolina I4089 aojd 
17 Hendricks, Hannah S.  Abt 1831South Carolina I4315 aojd 
18 Goldsmith, Moses  Abt 1814South Carolina I1668 aojd 
19 Arons, Hannah  Abt 1791South Carolina I3586 aojd 
20 Alexander, Rebecca  Abt 1830South Carolina I3603 aojd 
21 Alexander, Rachel  Abt 1823South Carolina I2531 aojd 
22 Alexander, Julius Mortimer C. S. A.  Abt 1845South Carolina I2296 aojd 
23 Alexander, Jacob Clarence  Abt 1843South Carolina I2294 aojd 
24 Alexander, Jacob Clarence  1841South Carolina I2294 aojd 
25 Alexander, Catherine  Abt 1835South Carolina I3602 aojd 
26 Alexander, Catherine  Abt 1826South Carolina I3602 aojd 

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Moses, Governor Franklin J. Jr.  11 Dec 1906South Carolina I2838 aojd 

Alt. Marriage

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Marriage    Person ID   Tree 
1 Moses, Isaac Clifton  1 Nov 1802South Carolina I1542 aojd 
2 Lazarus, Hannah  1 Nov 1802South Carolina I1543 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID   Tree 
1 Levy, Simon Valentine  1696South Carolina I3249 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Moses, Mordecai Lyon  1861South Carolina I678 aojd 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Levy /   1772South Carolina F163 aojd-demo