Americans Of Jewish Descent
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Cleveland, OH



Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Wuliger, Ernest Morris  10 Dec 1910Cleveland, OH I10353 aojd 
2 Wise, Victor Laurence  10 Jul 1890Cleveland, OH I8615 aojd 
3 Wise, Samuel Daniel  28 Nov 1873Cleveland, OH I8613 aojd 
4 Wise, Rebecca "Becky" "Bea"  11 Jan 1871Cleveland, OH I8612 aojd 
5 Wise, Patricia "Pat" Cathryn  7 Sep 1922Cleveland, OH I8626 aojd 
6 Wise, Max "Moxy"  29 Sep 1875Cleveland, OH I8614 aojd 
7 Wise, Margaret "Peggy" Arco  23 Dec 1904Cleveland, OH I8622 aojd 
8 Wise, Jason  Cleveland, OH I10342 aojd 
9 Wise, Howard Earl  6 Nov 1903Cleveland, OH I8624 aojd 
10 Wise, Ellisa  Cleveland, OH I10341 aojd 
11 Wise, Edward "Eddy" F.  7 Feb 1914Cleveland, OH I8627 aojd 
12 Sitzman, Edna Leah  3 Aug 1901Cleveland, OH I8619 aojd 
13 Salinger, Solomon  16 Mar 1887Cleveland, OH I4969 aojd 
14 Salinger, Samuel M.D.  4 Jan 1885Cleveland, OH I4965 aojd 
15 Salinger, Beth Ann   I4733 aojd 
16 Jarrett, Susan  30 Mar 1944Cleveland, OH I10309 aojd 
17 Hexter, Paul  13 Mar 1904Cleveland, OH I10324 aojd 
18 Hexter, Lois  9 Aug 1929Cleveland, OH I10326 aojd 
19 Heller, Elizabeth  11 Mar 1906Cleveland, OH I5827 aojd 
20 Frank, Rose  1867Cleveland, OH I5306 aojd 
21 Frank, Juliet  Abt 1891Cleveland, OH I8625 aojd 
22 Flesheim, Leah  28 Dec 1848Cleveland, OH I8611 aojd 
23 Brock, Alfred M  7 Oct 1915Cleveland, OH I10313 aojd 
24 Bernstein, Robert  3 Apr 1909Cleveland, OH I10993 aojd 


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Wuliger, Ernest Morris  5 Sep 1992Cleveland, OH I10353 aojd 
2 Wise, Victor Laurence  26 Aug 1968Cleveland, OH I8615 aojd 
3 Wise, Patricia "Pat" Cathryn  5 Apr 2001Cleveland, OH I8626 aojd 
4 Wise, Margaret "Peggy" Arco  27 Jan 1970Cleveland, OH I8622 aojd 
5 Wise, Jacob "Jack"  14 Dec 1940Cleveland, OH I8617 aojd 
6 Wise, Edward "Eddy" F.  28 Mar 1976Cleveland, OH I8627 aojd 
7 Werthheimer, Solomon P. "Sol"  3 May 1917Cleveland, OH I8607 aojd 
8 Weis, Daniel  22 Mar 1921Cleveland, OH I8594 aojd 
9 Weil, May  25 Oct 1957Cleveland, OH I8621 aojd 
10 Strauss, Babette  16 Apr 1892Cleveland, OH I10323 aojd 
11 Sitzman, Samuel "Sam"  15 Jul 1919Cleveland, OH I8618 aojd 
12 Jarrett, Susan  17 May 1995Cleveland, OH I10309 aojd 
13 Hexter, Lois  15 Feb 1955Cleveland, OH I10326 aojd 
14 Gross, Irene Louise  7 Oct 1977Cleveland, OH I8616 aojd 
15 Frank, Juliet  30 Apr 1978Cleveland, OH I8625 aojd 
16 Flesheim, Leah  28 Jun 1929Cleveland, OH I8611 aojd 
17 Eiseman, Jane  22 Apr 1952Cleveland, OH I10364 aojd 
18 Brock, Alfred M  14 May 1985Cleveland, OH I10313 aojd