Americans Of Jewish Descent
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New Orleans, LA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Zoller, Bernard Irving "Irving"  Abt 1920New Orleans, LA I8906 aojd 
2 Worms, Rita  26 Mar 1922New Orleans, LA I9656 aojd 
3 Wilson, Narcissa  1819New Orleans, LA I10050 aojd 
4 Weil, Suzane "Sue"  19 Aug 1920New Orleans, LA I8654 aojd 
5 Weil, Hermione Dorah  24 Aug 1897New Orleans, LA I8652 aojd 
6 Weil, Harold Simon  1 Sep 1890New Orleans, LA I8651 aojd 
7 Weil, Betty  18 Nov 1917New Orleans, LA I8653 aojd 
8 Waldhorn, Samuel Lob  28 Sep 1890New Orleans, LA I6769 aojd 
9 Waldhorn, Elsie  10 Jun 1888New Orleans, LA I6788 aojd 
10 Touro, John  Abt 1836New Orleans, LA I10049 aojd 
11 Simon, Sidney Kohn  5 Aug 1878New Orleans, LA I9013 aojd 
12 Simon, Miriam  27 Jul 1867New Orleans, LA I9009 aojd 
13 Simon, Minna  29 Dec 1873New Orleans, LA I9011 aojd 
14 Simon, Leon Charles  28 Sep 1876New Orleans, LA I9012 aojd 
15 Simon, Jennie  30 Nov 1871New Orleans, LA I6874 aojd 
16 Simon, Henry  5 Dec 1861New Orleans, LA I9007 aojd 
17 Simon, Bertha  1 Nov 1865New Orleans, LA I8481 aojd 
18 Simon, Albert Naphtalie  8 Oct 1880New Orleans, LA I9014 aojd 
19 Samuel, Charles Mayer Jr.  2 Sep 1917New Orleans, LA I8700 aojd 
20 Runkel, Ida  2 Aug 1868New Orleans, LA I6706 aojd 
21 Rosenthal, Simon Jonas  31 May 1888New Orleans, LA I8498 aojd 
22 Rosenthal, Eda  5 Jan 1916New Orleans, LA I8500 aojd 
23 Newman, Morris W  22 Feb 1847New Orleans, LA I7948 aojd 
24 Newman, Helene  New Orleans, LA I7945 aojd 
25 Newman, Harold W.  2 Oct 1872New Orleans, LA I7953 aojd 
26 Murphy, John Clayton   I10860 aojd 
27 Moses, Irma  8 Sep 1902New Orleans, LA I6732 aojd 
28 Moses, Elkin  25 Jun 1869New Orleans, LA I6705 aojd 
29 Moses, Allyn  2 Apr 1945New Orleans, LA I5997 aojd 
30 Lowenburg, Richard Hill  21 Apr 1924New Orleans, LA I9627 aojd 
31 Lob, Albertine  11 Oct 1862New Orleans, LA I6772 aojd 
32 Levy, Rosalie Virginia  1845New Orleans, LA I3337 aojd 
33 Levy, Mitchell  1 Jul 1836New Orleans, LA I2736 aojd 
34 Levy, Inez Garretson  15 Nov 1893New Orleans, LA I8499 aojd 
35 Levy, Eugene Henry Jr.  Feb 1872New Orleans, LA I316 aojd 
36 Levy, Rabbi Clifton Harby  21 Jun 1867New Orleans, LA I311 aojd 
37 Levy, Alexander  7 Sep 1818New Orleans, LA I3319 aojd 
38 Kappelman, Caroline   I8019 aojd 
39 Isaacson, Walter Seff   I6737 aojd 
40 Isaacson, Irwin Sr  5 Mar 1901New Orleans, LA I6733 aojd 
41 Hunt, William Henry Jr.  5 Nov 1857New Orleans, LA I1091 aojd 
42 Hunt, Thomas  16 May 1855New Orleans, LA I3037 aojd 
43 Hunt, Ridgely  31 Jan 1854New Orleans, LA I3029 aojd 
44 Hunt, Rear Admiral Livingston  3 Nov 1859New Orleans, LA I3041 aojd 
45 Hunt, Gaillard  8 Sep 1862New Orleans, LA I3045 aojd 
46 Hunt, Cornelia Ridgely  4 Feb 1861New Orleans, LA I3043 aojd 
47 Herzfeld, Terese  9 Jul 1951New Orleans, LA I8027 aojd 
48 Hendricks, Henry  New Orleans, LA I4317 aojd 
49 Hagedorn, Richard Martin   I5858 aojd 
50 Goldsmith, Cleone  13 Jul 1888New Orleans, LA I8699 aojd 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Zoller, Bernard Irving "Irving"  13 Feb 2001New Orleans, LA I8906 aojd 
2 Worms, Rita  2 Aug 2000New Orleans, LA I9656 aojd 
3 Wise, Annie  2 Mar 1910New Orleans, LA I8715 aojd 
4 Wilson, Ellen  New Orleans, LA I10048 aojd 
5 Werthheimer, Emma L  7 Mar 1929New Orleans, LA I8209 aojd 
6 Weil, Suzane "Sue"  2 Apr 1973New Orleans, LA I8654 aojd 
7 Weil, Sadie  30 Jul 1959New Orleans, LA I6121 aojd 
8 Weil, Louis Adolph  7 Feb 1971New Orleans, LA I8650 aojd 
9 Weil, Jeanne  1980New Orleans, LA I9622 aojd 
10 Weil, Hermann  1 Dec 1908New Orleans, LA I8202 aojd 
11 Weil, Herman  3 Jan 1941New Orleans, LA I8260 aojd 
12 Weil, Harold Simon  16 Feb 1958New Orleans, LA I8651 aojd 
13 Waldhorn, Samuel Lob  17 Nov 1971New Orleans, LA I6769 aojd 
14 Waldhorn, Elsie  14 Aug 1960New Orleans, LA I6788 aojd 
15 Touro, Judah  18 Jan 1854New Orleans, LA I630 aojd 
16 Simon, Sidney Kohn  5 Aug 1936New Orleans, LA I9013 aojd 
17 Simon, Leon Charles  13 Apr 1953New Orleans, LA I9012 aojd 
18 Simon, Jacob Hirsch "Hirsch"  4 Dec 1852New Orleans, LA I8482 aojd 
19 Simon, Charles  16 Jun 1909New Orleans, LA I9001 aojd 
20 Simon, Bertha  3 Jul 1921New Orleans, LA I8481 aojd 
21 Simon, Albert Naphtalie  25 May 1938New Orleans, LA I9014 aojd 
22 Samuel, Charles Mayer Jr.  12 Aug 1987New Orleans, LA I8700 aojd 
23 Samuel, Charles Mayer  5 Feb 1955New Orleans, LA I8712 aojd 
24 Salomon, Ezekiel  27 Sep 1821New Orleans, LA I3958 aojd 
25 Rosenthal, Simon Jonas  31 Jan 1954New Orleans, LA I8498 aojd 
26 Rosenthal, Eda  31 Jan 1954New Orleans, LA I8500 aojd 
27 Plonsky, Myrtle  5 Jan 1985New Orleans, LA I8822 aojd 
28 Plonsky, Gerald Joseph  29 Dec 1980New Orleans, LA I8820 aojd 
29 Plonsky, Doris  1993New Orleans, LA I8819 aojd 
30 Noar, Lebermann M  6 Dec 1934New Orleans, LA I7890 aojd 
31 Moses, Irma  11 Oct 1973New Orleans, LA I6732 aojd 
32 Lowenburg, Richard Hill  6 Dec 1992New Orleans, LA I9627 aojd 
33 Loeb, Blanche  27 Jul 1978New Orleans, LA I4488 aojd 
34 Levy, Jacob of Wilmington  Bef 6 Aug 1850New Orleans, LA I2082 aojd 
35 Levy, Inez Garretson  29 Nov 1977New Orleans, LA I8499 aojd 
36 Levy, Benjamin  10 Jan 1860New Orleans, LA I3310 aojd 
37 Levy, Alexander  7 Feb 1866New Orleans, LA I3319 aojd 
38 Kohn, Dora  18 Jun 1888New Orleans, LA I9005 aojd 
39 Kierr, Raymond Howard  21 Aug 2001New Orleans, LA I6712 aojd 
40 Jonas, Baruh  4 Jan 1822New Orleans, LA I2659 aojd 
41 Jacobs, Raphael  23 Apr 1845New Orleans, LA I3286 aojd 
42 Isaacson, Julius Emanuel  17 Oct 1939New Orleans, LA I6746 aojd 
43 Isaacson, Irwin Sr  9 Feb 1969New Orleans, LA I6733 aojd 
44 Isaacson, Felix Morris  20 Apr 1962New Orleans, LA I6747 aojd 
45 Herzfeld, Terese  11 JulNew Orleans, LA I8027 aojd 
46 Hainsfurther, Madeline Theresa "Mal"  29 Nov 1994New Orleans, LA I9639 aojd 
47 Gormin, Kenneth  7 Feb 2000New Orleans, LA I8502 aojd 
48 Goldsmith, Cleone  22 Aug 1962New Orleans, LA I8699 aojd 
49 Geissler, Lillian Esther  28 Jul 1980New Orleans, LA I8861 aojd 
50 Cohn, Isidore  3 Jan 1980New Orleans, LA I6790 aojd 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Moses, Almeria Emma  New Orleans, LA I309 aojd 
2 Bensadon, Joseph of New Orleans  Dec 1871New Orleans, LA I3302 aojd 

Alt Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 De Pass, Albert Hamilton  1845New Orleans, LA I4279 aojd 

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Wilde, Henrietta  Abt 1854New Orleans, LA I11107 aojd 
2 Wilde, David  Abt 1856New Orleans, LA I11106 aojd 
3 Hunt, Randall  30 Oct 1856New Orleans, LA I3039 aojd 
4 Florance, Annie Augusta  New Orleans, LA I926 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID   Tree 
1 Benjamin, Judah Philip  1828New Orleans, LA I4017 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Wiley, Alice Octavia  26 Apr 1930New Orleans, LA I1646 aojd 
2 Waldhorn, Ruth Constance  15 Jan 1920New Orleans, LA I6789 aojd 
3 Waldhorn, Augusta  15 Jan 1920New Orleans, LA I6777 aojd 
4 Touro, Judah  1840New Orleans, LA I630 aojd 
5 Nathan, James Lawrence  26 Apr 1930New Orleans, LA I1645 aojd 
6 Lob, Albertine  15 Jan 1920New Orleans, LA I6772 aojd 
7 Levy, Bertha  4 Jun 1880New Orleans, LA I3343 aojd 
8 Isaacson, Julius Emanuel Jr.   I6749 aojd 
9 Isaacson, Julius Emanuel  5 Apr 1930New Orleans, LA I6746 aojd 
10 Isaacson, Felix Morris  5 Apr 1930New Orleans, LA I6747 aojd 
11 Dennery, Theodore  15 Jan 1920New Orleans, LA I6779 aojd 
12 Dennery, Moise Waldhorn  15 Jan 1920New Orleans, LA I6781 aojd 
13 Dennery, Harry  15 Jan 1920New Orleans, LA I6778 aojd 
14 Dennery, Fanny Lob  15 Jan 1920New Orleans, LA I6780 aojd 
15 De Pass, William K. Jr.  19 Jan 1920New Orleans, LA I4293 aojd 
16 De Pass, William K.  19 Jan 1920New Orleans, LA I4286 aojd 
17 De Pass, Mabel Batte  19 Jan 1920New Orleans, LA I4291 aojd 
18 De Pass, Dora Henry  19 Jan 1920New Orleans, LA I4292 aojd 
19 Bonita, Walter  4 Jun 1880New Orleans, LA I3351 aojd 
20 Bonita, Sarah Edwitha  4 Jun 1880New Orleans, LA I3349 aojd 
21 Bonita, Frederick Alexander  4 Jun 1880New Orleans, LA I3344 aojd 
22 Bonita, Frederick A. Jr.  4 Jun 1880New Orleans, LA I3348 aojd 
23 Bonita, Corinne  4 Jun 1880New Orleans, LA I3347 aojd 
24 Bock, Regina  5 Apr 1930New Orleans, LA I6745 aojd 
25 Batte, Dora  19 Jan 1920New Orleans, LA I4287 aojd 
26 Bach, Florence F.  5 Apr 1930New Orleans, LA I6748 aojd 
27 Abrams, Isabelle  18 Jun 1860New Orleans, LA I41 aojd 
28 Abrams, Catherine  18 Jun 1860New Orleans, LA I3561 aojd 
29 Mollie  19 Jan 1920New Orleans, LA I4296 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cremated    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cohen, Hyman Leon "Fatty"  1955New Orleans, LA I6127 aojd 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Isaacson, Julius Emanuel  5 Jun 1917New Orleans, LA I6746 aojd 
2 Chumaceiro, Reverend Joseph H. M.  Between 1874 and 1880New Orleans, LA I11349 aojd 
3 Bonita, Frederick Alexander  4 Jun 1880New Orleans, LA I3344 aojd